"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost." Matthew 28:19
We support many Assemblies of God missionaries. They go out and spread The Gospel all over the world. To read more about what they do and where they go, click on their link below.

Dillion International

Dillion International is an adoption agency. They have placed over 6,000 children in loving homes in the United States.

Mike & Laura Clark

Mike and Laura are serving in Germany spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Jeff & Tammy Coose

Jeff and Tammy are working around the world to bring hope to Jewish people, the "Children of Jacob", by bringing them compassion, aid, and sharing the news of Messiah.

Kirk & Karla Ford

Kirk & Karla are creating content of Arabic-speaking people, and spots are being distributed on the internet through partner ministries who do follow-up conversations in the viewer's own language.

Alex & Samia Hanna

Alex and Samia are serving in the United States teaching Intercultural Ministries.

Ted & Carolyn Heaston

Ted and Carolyn are part of Global University and are involved in training more than 425,000 students in the world. They have 219 offices in 156 countries. They help teach people beginning with evangelism al the way to Doctorla Ministry.

Brent & Melissa Hurt

Brent and Melissa are serving in the United States to help build and plant churches.

Bill & Barbara Kuert

Bill and Barbara are serving in Kenya, Africa spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Donald & Wendy Lott

Donald and Wendy are passionate about connecting kids to Jesus and teaching them life skills. They are generating New Life in the Denver and Aurora communities through feeding children physically, and then spiritually through high-impact, high-energy, mosaic style life lessons of Jesus Christ. 

Shree Moon

Shree Moon is serving in the Phillippines and has been since 1986. She is working with children to raise up the next generation of Christians.

Trent & Tina Morrow

Trent and Tina are serving in Uruguay. They specialize in training children's ministry leaders to reach the children of Uruguay.

Laurel Parmley

Laurel is serving in Thailand, Asia Pacific to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Ryan & Lauren Plute

Ryan and Lauren are serving in Eurasia. They are church planters in one of the world's largest and oldest city located in Central Eurasia.

Fari Rider

Fari is serving is Taiwan. She uses music, drama, and puppetry to teach character building lessons to elementary and junior high school students.

Jason & Roberta Roberts

Jason and Roberta are serving in Chiaoas, Mexico. They are partnering with the National Church in Chiapas to perpare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up. They are training youth and children's workers so that they can transform the youth to change the world.

Grady & Janet Smalling

Grady and Janet are serving in the Canary Islands, Europe. They Serve as interim pastors at Christian Life International Church.

Steve & Kimberly Snow

Steve and Kimberly are serving in Chile, Latin America, and the Caribbean spreading the Good News of Jesus Chirst.

Todd & Leslie Stamps

Todd and Leslie are serving in Portugal. They help train ministers to reach the country of Portugal ang the greater Portuguese-speaking world. Their ministry is based out of Mount Hope Bible Institute near Lisbon.  

David & Shirley Swafford

David and Shirley are serving in Latin America and the Caribbean to spread the Good News about Jesus Christ.

Kevin & Eunice Tyler

Kevin and Eunice are leaders with Global Teen Challenge. Kevin serves as Chief Operating Officer and Eunice serves as Executive Assistant to the president of GTC.

Loretta Wideman

Loretta is serving in Kenya spreading the Good News about Jesus Christ.

Dustin & Amanda Wright

Dustin and Amanda are serving in the United States reaching out to Native Americans through the love of Jesus Christ.

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